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Ultrasonic Welding

At Alfatech, we offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic welding solutions, featuring the latest Herrmann brand's ultrasonic welding machines. This cutting-edge technology empowers seamless bonding of thermoplastic materials and nonferrous metals with precision and efficiency. Different components can be welded with one or more ultrasonic sonotrodes depending on their size and geometry.

Jigs and Fixtures

We specialize in crafting custom-designed jigs and fixtures that play a pivotal role in guiding machining tools and supporting components during assembly. Our precision tools ensure accurate alignment, reducing errors and enhancing overall production efficiency.

Be it for milling, slotting, shaping, turning or other tasks, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, guaranteeing reliable, efficient assembly. At Alfatech, we strive to ensure that that each jig and fixture enhances overall production with accuracy, precision and reliability.

CTQ (Critical To Quality) Tester

A CTQ Tester is a specialized tool that facilitates quality control in various manufacturing processes, specifically in assembly and welding operations. The tester ensures that the final products meet or exceed the desired standards of quality and performance by the client. It is a crucial product as it identifies and prevents flaws from passing into the manufacturing stage.

CNC Machining & Checking Equipment

We leverage cutting-edge technology to cater to our clients’ requirements effectively. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with High-Speed CNC Machining capabilities, enabling us to produce jigs and fixtures with unparalleled precision.

Following the machining process, our jigs and fixtures undergo an internal assessment using specialized checking equipment. This meticulous evaluation ensures that our machining quality perfectly aligns with the specific requirements of each individual jig and fixture.

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