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Ultrasonic welding creates strong connections between two or more materials of the same type, and two or more materials of different types.

Ultrasonic Welding Machines

As S.E.A Tool Maker Partner of the Herrmann brand's ultrasonic welding machines, we bring you cutting-edge technology for seamless and efficient joining. Ultrasonic welding stands as a gentle yet powerful technique for bonding thermoplastic materials and nonferrous metals with utmost precision

All of our Herrmann ultrasonic welding machines are manufactured in Germany. Each machine guarantees accuracy and efficiency and can be operated manually or partially automated. Ultrasonic welding happens in split seconds, without the need for any aids such as adhesives or screws. Herrmann’s ultrasonic welding machine delivers consistent quality with zero waste products. This technology provides the perfect solution to precise welding results with low energy consumption.

Certified Partner

Alfatech Technical Design Sdn Bhd is an Official Certified Partner of Herrmann.